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Ecstatic Dance, an emerging movement practice, is gaining popularity worldwide for its unique approach to self-expression and healing. Rooted in ancient traditions and modern dance forms, Ecstatic Dance is a liberating and transformative experience that invites individuals to move freely, connect with their bodies, and explore the power of music and sound. In this article, we delve into the science behind Ecstatic Dance, the role of frequencies and sound healing, and what to expect at an Ecstatic Dance event.

What Is Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic Dance is not your typical dance party; it’s a deliberate and mindful movement practice. It provides a safe and judgment-free space where participants can dance freely without the constraints of choreography or societal expectations. This form of dance encourages authenticity, self-discovery, and emotional release through movement.

How to Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic dance transcends mere movement; it’s a journey into self-expression, mindfulness, and connection with the community. With no set steps or routines, it welcomes everyone, regardless of dance experience. The key to ecstatic dance lies in surrendering to the music’s flow, moving intuitively and authentically. Moving in ways that feel good and natural to you.

Start by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths, tuning into the rhythm and energy of the music. Let go of judgments and expectations, both of yourself and of others around you. Allow your body to move freely—swaying gently, shaking vigorously, or any variation in between. Use the space as you wish—dance alone, with a partner, or within the larger group, respecting everyone’s space and journey. As you dance, focus on the present moment, allowing the movement and music to lead you to a state of ecstatic presence. Remember, in ecstatic dance, there are no missteps—only personal expression, liberation, and the sheer joy of movement.

The Benefits of Ecstatic Dancing


Neurobiological Benefits

Dancing triggers the release of neurotransmitters like endorphins and dopamine, which promote feelings of joy, pleasure, and euphoria. This natural high, often dubbed the “dancer’s high,” contributes to the exhilarating experience of Ecstatic Dance.

Emotional Release

Movement, particularly expressive dance, allows individuals to access and release deeply held emotions. The physicality of dancing provides an outlet for emotional expression and can be a cathartic experience, helping individuals process and let go of emotional baggage.

Mind-Body Connection

Dancing deepens the mind-body connection, demanding full presence in the present moment. This embodiment cultivates self-awareness and mindfulness, allowing individuals to tune into their bodies and gain insights into their emotions and inner experiences.

Frequency and Resonance

Sound is composed of frequencies, and each frequency has a unique effect on our bodies and emotions. Specific frequencies resonate with particular body areas, impacting our energetic centers (chakras) and overall well-being.

Sound Healing

Practices like using crystal singing bowls, gongs, and other instruments, can help balance our energy centers and promote a sense of harmony and relaxation. During an Ecstatic Dance event, sound healing elements are often integrated into the music, enhancing the transformative potential of the experience.


A phenomenon where the rhythmic beats and frequencies in music synchronize with our brainwaves and bodily rhythms. This synchronization can induce altered states of consciousness, deep relaxation, and a sense of unity with others on the dance floor.

    What to Expect at an Ecstatic Dance Event


    Guidelines and Etiquette

    Ecstatic Dance events usually have guidelines to create a safe and respectful space for all participants. Common guidelines include no talking on the dance floor, respecting personal boundaries, and refraining from drug or alcohol use during the event

    Live DJ or Facilitated Music

    An Ecstatic Dance event typically features a live DJ or a facilitator who curates a diverse and dynamic playlist. The music is carefully selected to guide the flow of energy and emotions throughout the dance journey.

    Intentional Movement

    Ecstatic Dance embraces free-form movement without prescribed steps or routines. Participants are encouraged to move in whatever way feels authentic to them. The focus is on inner exploration and allowing the body to move freely and organically.

    Community and Connection

    Ecstatic Dance events bring in a sense of community and connection. The dance floor becomes a collective space where individuals can share in the joy and vulnerability of movement, creating a supportive and accepting environment.

    What to Wear to Ecstatic Dance

    When preparing for an ecstatic dance session, choosing the right attire is paramount to unrestricted movement and self-expression. Opt for garments that feel like a second skin—lightweight, breathable, and flexible. Choose loose-fitting attire crafted from natural fabrics like cotton or bamboo, enabling your skin to breathe effortlessly as you move. Layering offers versatility, allowing you to adapt to changing temperatures seamlessly. 

    Footwear is optional in many ecstatic dance spaces, with many participants preferring to dance barefoot to enhance a deeper connection to the earth and the music. However, if footwear is preferred for comfort or health reasons, soft, flexible dance shoes or non-slip socks are suitable alternatives. Remember, the focus is on comfort and the freedom to move as you feel, so choose attire that reflects your style while supporting your dance journey.

    Ecstatic Dancing for Healing 

    Ecstatic Dance is a gateway to self-discovery, emotional release, and holistic well-being. Grounded in the science of movement, frequencies, and sound healing, Ecstatic Dance harnesses transformative energies. Surrendering to the rhythm and frequencies of the music, participants can tap into the wisdom of their bodies and experience a profound sense of unity with themselves and others.

    If you’re seeking an embodied experience that nurtures the mind, body, and soul, Ecstatic Dance offers a refreshing and liberating journey of self-expression and self-discovery. Embrace the call to move, dance, and fully inhabit the present moment, embarking on a transformative odyssey of self-expression and discovery.

    Written by Jordan Buchan

    Jordan is the founder of Conscious Cues. Her work is centered around the mind-body connection as it is explored through neuroscience, yoga, meditation, and other healing practices.